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24 hour bingo

24 hour bingo with progressive jackpots

24-hour Bingo with Progressive Jackpots.

24-hour Bingo with more ways to win, including progressive jackpots that increase everyday.

ACE Ball Rules

  1. The ACE Ball is a progressive jackpot.
  2. Participants must validate their packs to be eligible for the jackpot.
  3. There is a $1 or $2 validation charge for each pack purchased. A date-and-time stamp on the back of each purchased pack, or printed on the receipts for electronic units, will serve as validation.
  4. A validation stamp is only good for the session in which the packs are purchased.
  5. The first ball drawn on the first game of the session will be the ACE Ball for that session.
  6. Winning on that number on games 2 through 12 on a validated pack grants the winner the ACE Ball progressive jackpot. All ACE Ball winners are paid aggregately.
  7. The ACE Ball must be the last number called in the pattern of the winning card to be a valid winner.
  8. Once the ACE Ball has been won, it is no longer in effect for that session.
  9. Each session has a separate progressive ACE Ball amount. Jackpot amounts are based on monies accrued from sales for the session.
  10. Once the ACE Ball has been hit, it will return to the original starting point plus any monies accrued from sales for that session. It will increase from there.
  11. Electronic unit players must retain their receipts for validation purposes.
  12. It is each player’s responsibility to make sure their paper packs and electronic unit receipts are validated.
  13. Management reserves all rights to revise or cancel all specials or promotions at any time without prior notice.

Charlie’s Double Progressive

  1. Charlie’s Double Progressive is a coverall game and can only be won within the posted number of balls.
  2. The Charlie’s Double Progressive starts at 32 numbers and will progress every 21 days up to 35 numbers, where it will remain until the jackpot is won.
  3. The jackpot starts at $20,000 and will increase daily.
  4. Charlie’s Double Progressive is played at all 12 sessions.
  5. Charlie’s Double Progressive cards are sold for $1 each on paper or in an electronic unit.
  6. Maximum of 30 Charlie’s Double Progressive cards per electronic unit.
  7. A minimum buy-in for the session is required to purchase a Charlie’s Double Progressive card.
  8. Guest must have played the session to be eligible to win on a Charlie’s Double Progressive card.
  9. Guest must purchase a minimum of one (1) Charlie’s Double Progressive card to be eligible.
  10. The ACE Ball is not valid on the Charlie’s Double Progressive cards.
  11. Payouts will be divided equally among all winners on any one (1) game.
  12. Charlie’s Double Progressive can only be played at the session in which it was purchased.
  13. Player must have the last number called to win the jackpot amount, with the exception of the consolation prize.
  14. If the coverall is not reached within the posted number of balls, a consolation prize of $200 will be awarded to the coverall winner.
  15. All other bingo rules apply unless stated otherwise.
  16. Management reserves all rights to modify or cancel this promotion at any time without notice.